A Creative Entrepreneurs Search for Time

A creative business owners search for time

A creative entrepreneurs search for time is fierce! We all want and need more time, right? Time to work on our business (or even step away from it), time to spend with our families and friends, time away to refresh, enjoy nature and to just recharge. If I am like most, I can say the concept of “time” and my search for it is one of the hardest balancing acts that I face as a creative entrepreneur and small business owner. I’m sure I am not alone, and hope someone reading this can also relate to the search for time and ways to implement better time management.

I’ve come to realize that one of the most precious things in life is time; not how much money you have, how big the house you live in is or the type of car you drive. How I choose to spend my time has been something I have been thinking about lately. This year has been challenging. The loss of my father last November has me thinking about time with a new perspective. I think loss in general shifts your way of thinking about many things and for me, time and my time management, and lack there of, is a big one. As a small business owner you tend wear many hats. I wear too many hats, yes I just said that out loud! I am acknowledging that I need to stop trying to do it all (I know I am not alone in this one!). I’ve been having a fist fight with time lately and I am losing the battle. Honestly, it is starting to get to me because I know something needs to shift, and soon. Time is never ending and so is my to-do list. I am on a quest to start giving myself back some much needed time to step away and you should too!

Being a creative person, artist, small business owner and entrepreneur tends to mean your mind is always working on something. At least that’s been my experience with others I’ve met who fall into one or more from that list. I fall into all of those and that means the struggle is real. My mind is always full and working on something, it is exhausting! Now don’t get me wrong, this is the life I have chosen for myself and I am fully aware that I am pretty much always going to have a big to-do list. What I am in the need of is better time management and balance on all fronts; eating regularly, remembering to drink enough water, getting up and stepping away from the computer. Sounds simple and basic but I have noticed I’ve been slipping over the last year or couple of years. I am going to tackle my relationship with time head on. Once I do and find the balance I so need I think other things might just fall into place, at least that’s my hope!

On my list for this year was finding more time to expand and develop this blog. This was to be my time away from my regular routine, my place to step away from my main business of running my baking and party supply shop and to focus on sharing more of my personal creative experiences and passions as well as connecting with other artists. Now it’s November already and I didn’t accomplish half the things on my to-do list for this fall. I realized I hadn’t posted here since July and felt bad. I didn’t take the time needed to step away. So what does that all mean? TIME to be better! It’s about consciously making and taking the time to step away. Sometimes you need to give yourself permission to do that and it really is OK!

For the next month I am going to pick a day each week and give myself permission to take one full 24 hours off. No work at all. Now to some that might not sound like a big deal but to me it is. I rarely take a full 24 hours off from my business. I’ve let life slip away too much this year, really for the past few years and it has to stop. If you are reading this and can relate I’d love to know how you take time off for yourself. If you need someone to give you permission here you go, I give YOU permission to put yourself first and take some time off! Even if it is just for a few minutes each day. Those minutes matter, you matter! Share in a comment below how you make “you” time. What’s at the top of your list with the time you gift yourself? If you are on Instagram follow along using the hashtag #ASLDmetime. I’d love to see! This week I think my “me time” is going to involve a walk on the beach and some baking or ice cream making for myself, not just for the photo or my business. This fall I won and ice cream maker and other fabulous items from Cupcake Project and Cuisinart that I need to try out! This creative entrepreneurs search for time and attempt at better time management is going to happen…or you may just find me lying on my kitchen floor with melted ice cream all around me!

Until next time (no pun intended…or maybe),


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